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The meCoffee PID controller is the easiest and most flexible PID to install, instructions are here. To order : pick a variant, a matching cable set and check our shipping options.

meCoffee variants

Both variants are physically and functionally equivalent except for the Bluetooth module : if you want to use your meCoffee with iOS / iPhone / iPad, you need the BLE variant. If your Android device supports BLE the choice is up to you : BLE is the newer standard and you would be able to switch to iOS if the situation arises.

Cable sets and sensors

You will need a matching cable set for your machine. All cable sets include the sensor and sensor cable for your machine. A cable set is required to receive support and warranty.


Our standard shipping option is Priority Airmail shipped weekly on Tuesdays. Any orders placed up to Sunday ( in your timezone ) will be included. Estimated transit times can be found here: € 10 worldwide.

Additionally we offer tracked transit by courier. These orders are shipped the next business day and typically arrive within a couple of days: € 35 within EU, € 45 outside.