A birthday present for the iPhone : meCoffee for iOS immediate availability

Ten years ago to this day Apple introduced the iPhone, the device so many of us have learned to love. You can watch Steve Jobs introduce the first iPhone at MacWorld in 2007 below :

Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007

Just like Steve, we have been looking forward to this day for almost 2.5 years too : after we discovered iOS does not support Bluetooth Classic without entering the MFi program, cough up the fee and adding an encryption chip in our meCoffee design we were a bit of a sad puppy.

Luckily, soon afterwards iOS started to support Bluetooth Low Energy so there appeared to be a way forward. In the last months we have been working with customers to proof the design and test meBarista for iOS. Thank you guys & dolls : you know who you are.

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the meCoffee BLE variant at € 129. All meCoffee’s shipped from now on, both the Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy variant are now professionally manufactured at the facilities of our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing partner.

meBarista for iOS was approved for entry in the AppStore last night and is listed here. Obviously the iOS meBarista is not as mature as the Android version yet but we are confident we will be getting there in 2017. meBarista for Android already supports BLE, so if you have iOS as well as Android you could use your meCoffee with both, provided your Android device supports BLE.

Now this blog has been officially opened we will be using it for product and firmware announcements and we might cover interesting practical and theoretical brewing tidbits.

kind regards,