Opening up : meBarista

Open sourcing as much of meCoffee as possible and working together with the community has always been the goal. Now is the time to get started and we will start with opening up meBarista.

Source control

To be able to cooperate efficiently on any kind of software development one needs a distributed version control solution. Ever since Linus Torvalds wrote and introduced Git as the version control system for the Linux kernel in 2005 it has been gaining popularity because it is that good.

Github and Gitlab extended its qualities by offering online communities and workflows on top of the Git system. We have opted for a lightweight on-premise solution called GOGS.

Our software repositories are hosted at Each repository has been licensed GPL and contains build instructions in the README file. If you are not familiar with software development, this is probably not for you.

meBarista for Android

We have cleaned up the repository at the file level : there should be no stale files in the repo. The actual code has not been cleaned up yet and contains a lot of dead/commented code still. Although the situation has improved over the last couple of weeks, there are still occasional crashes reported in the Google Play Console.

BluetoothClassic or BLE ( Switch in Settings → Bluetooth )
Firmware flashingYes

meBarista for Chrome

This is the least developed meBarista of the bunch and has been developed to get Apple users on board before the BLE version of meCoffee was available. Google is phasing out Chrome extensions and we hope to get the Ionic2 version working on Windows and OSX as a replacement.

PlatformGoogle Chrome on OSX and Windows
Firmware flashingNo

meBarista in Ionic 2

This is the newest and by far cleanest implementation of meBarista and was developed as the iOS version. This version has been implemented in Ionic 2 and compiles to multiple targets.

PlatformiOS and Android(not in the Playstore right now)
BluetoothClassic for Android and BLE for iOS
Firmware flashingNot yet

Hopefully this will encourage some cooperation and perhaps we can explore ideas which have not been explored before. If you want to contribute, please create an account and either submit a pull request or an issue.


  1. Alex
    17 October 2018


  2. 23 October 2018

    Hi Jan,
    just out of curiosity, why not use Github or Gitlab provided the purpose of this move is to encourage the community to help and contribute?

    • 23 October 2018

      Testing the waters, fear of leaking deployment keys etc. Need for private repos as well which we like to keep on-premise. Github was down like yesterdays and we have, lets say, an interesting history with Gitlab.

      We can always migrate later on if the need arises.