Step 1 : Run meBarista, disable boiler

Step 1: Run meBarista, disable boiler
This manual is divided into 10 small steps and each step provides you with a clear result. These steps are designed and arranged in this order to protect you and your equipment.

Before firing up your meCoffee we need meBarista up and running and your boiler shut down so you can work on a cool machine.

meBarista screenshot

To get started install meBarista: either for Android, iOS or for Google Chrome.

Run the app and browse around. Now find the Bluetooth-settings panel of your device and check if Bluetooth has been enabled. If not, do so.

Please be careful and always unplug your machine when touching any inner part. We recommend to put the mains plug on top of your machine, in plain sight, so you can check for safety at any time.
Rancilio Silvia boiler with brew and steam thermostat
Now remove the gray live-wire from the brew-thermostat.

Now remove the double yellow wire from the steam-thermostat, which is located on top of the boiler.
To prevent your boiler from heating up, disconnect the wire driving the boiler from the thermostat unit located in the top right of your machine. The wire to be disconnected is the wire which is directly connected to the boiler element at the bottom of your boiler.

This prevents the machine from heating up during the first steps. Make sure the disconnected wire does not touch any conductive surface.

Definition of success
When you plug in your machine, the boiler does not heat up

The brew button still works

You have a working copy of meBarista and Bluetooth is enabled
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Step 2 : Connect meCoffeeRun your meCoffee for the first time