Step 10 : Wrapping up

Step 10 : Wrapping up
The safest place for your meCoffee is right below the power button, right up to the outer enclosure.

Extensive measurements spanning multiple days have shown your meCoffee heating up to around 60 degrees Celcius in this position during normal use. This is well below the ratings of the quality components we have selected: there is no need to move the meCoffee to another position.

meCoffee timer, connect hot side of power button to terminal #8

Your meCoffee has been designed to allow airflow over the switching elements. Please do not cover the vents.

For easier access we recommend removing the steam dial temporarily: just pull it off gently.

Remove the sensor cable from your meCoffee and route it below the power button & associated cabling towards the right. Reconnect the sensor cable to your meCoffee.

Now slide your meCoffee below the power button gently.

Check if all cabling and connectors are well below the surface of the cover.

Reinstall the steam dial.

Reinstall the cover.

Place the meCoffee in the back of the machine, left of the power socket. Refit the cover.
meCoffee is supposed to go on the vertical area behind the boiler, at the right side, sensor cable facing upwards. Mount with the supplied velcro. Do a test-fitting including shoving the backside all the way to the front to determine the appropiate place for the velcro.
Definition of success
All features work as they have been tested before.

Step 9 : TimerPower up or shutdown your machine at any time
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