Step 7 : Steaming

Step 7 : Steaming
A lower but faster regulated steam temperature increases the consistency of your steam and provides a smoother experience. To support steaming your meCoffee needs to be aware of the state of the steam button and needs to bypass the installed steam thermostat.

meCoffee steaming

Fetch one of the black female-to-male+female wires from the second cable set. Connect the female side side of this wire to terminal #4 of your meCoffee.

First bypass the steam thermostat: remove the yellow cable from the steam-thermostat and the gray wire from terminal #5 from it’s gray-counter part. Connect the gray male end with the yellow wire. The female gray counterpart stays unconnected.

Remove the gray cable from the steam thermostat and connect it terminal #4 using a black cable from the set. The original gray wire’s purpose is now reduced to connecting the steam button to terminal #4 of your meCoffee.

Disconnected the white wire from the button block in front and place the black wire in its place. The white wire remains unconnected.
When you unmounted the steam thermostat to mount your meCoffee sensor, 2 wires remained unconnected. One of these wires originates from your steam button : connect this wire to the female+male side of the black wire connected to meCoffee#4.

If your original steam thermostat is still mounted and functional:
Connect the female+male side of the black cable to the upper terminal of your steam button on the side which carries the LIVE signal / has a wire on it. Disconnect the wire which was originally connected to the terminal.

Definition of success
When you turn on your machine the boiler lights up

When you press the steam-switch the boiler goes to 100% until it reaches the steam-temperature
Step 6 : PreinfusionIntroduce pauses in the brew to weld the puck
Step 8 : Pressure controlRamp the pressure up or down during brew