Step 4 : Passive PID

Step 4 : Passive PID
Passive PID returns your machine into a working state. The boiler will heat up and will maintain a steady and stable temperature.

To achieve this the gray wire which was disconnected in the previous step needs to be connected to your meCoffee.

meCoffee Passive PID

Make sure your machine is unplugged and disconnected from the mains / wall-socket.

Fetch the gray wire from the set : it should have a single female on one end, and a male on the other. Connect the female side of this wire to terminal #5 of your meCoffee.

Connect the male end of the wire into the gray wire disconnected from the brew-thermostat in step 1.

The red wires previously connected to the other side of the brew-thermostat remains unconnected.

Connect the male end of the wire into into the double-yellow wire you have disconnected from the steam-thermostat earlier.

The remaing loose wire from the steam thermostat remains unconnected.

Driving the boiler through one of its direct terminals might seem like a solid plan, but we strongly advise against using those. If you have to use force to unmount a wire from one of those terminals, the whole boiler will start to move around and you risk leaks in various places.

The best way is to find the other end of the red wire mounted to one of the boiler terminals. This wire is connected to your thermocouple mounted above the power button.

Unmount the red wire from the thermocouple and insert the male end of the grey meCoffee wired connected to terminal #5.

You can either take the time and have your machine heat up fully and do a brew. If you want to continue installing right now it is best to turn your machine off again as soon as possible : a non-hot machine is easier to work with.

Definition of success
When you turn on your machine the boiler and the boiler light will turn on after about a second.

If you do heat up fully, your boiler light will start to dim and might start to flicker a bit at ~ 10% power
Step 3 : Monitor boilerInstall sensor
Step 5 : Active PIDDirect boiler boost, shot stopwatch