Step 3 : Monitor boiler

Step 3 : Monitor boiler
Now your meCoffee is up and running the first thing to do is install the temperature sensor and make sure it is reading the temperature.

Make sure your machine is unplugged and disconnected from the mains / wall-socket.
Unmount the existing brew-thermostat ( left ).

Remove steam thermostat, this is the thermostat on top of the boiler. This will free up a threaded hole to mount the meCoffee sensor. Depending on the model, either use the existing screw combined with the meCoffee isolation ring, or use the nylon screw if the steam thermostat was of the screw-in type.

Clean the surface with some light abrasive material. Put the insulation-sheet in place.

Take the sensor in one hand and put the insulation ring in the sensor. Now place the screw into the ring. Use your index finger to keep the cable facing upwards so you can actually reach the screw.

Take the small flathead screwdriver and carefully move the sensor into place. Never remove the sensor from the cable: bend the cable a bit upwards when mounting.

Fasten the sensor firm but light.

Be careful not to bend the terminals of the temperature-sensor towards the boiler : no connection to the boiler surface is allowed!

Carefully reconnect your machine to the mains / wall-socket and turn your machine on.

Start the meBarista App and wait for a connection or press ‘SCAN’.

Definition of success
After switching on your machine you are able to connect to your meCoffee and it is reading room-temperature.
Step 2 : Connect meCoffeePower up meCoffee, read with Bluetooth
Step 4 : Passive PIDPID boiler control